Richard Poore


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Richard Poore or Poor (died 15 April 1237) was a medieval English bishop best known for his role in the establishment of Salisbury Cathedral and the City of Salisbury, moved from the nearby fortress of Old Sarum. He served as Bishop of Chichester, Bishop of Salisbury and Bishop of Durham.

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The Mitre House, which is reputed to be the first house to be built in the City, has a long association with the Cathedral. Tradition has it that Bishop Richard Poore had a temporary lodging here to oversee the building of the church. By 1620 it was an inn, known initially as the Holy Lamb, and later as the Sun and Lamb. By ancient custom, the Bishops of Salisbury use Mitre House as a robing-place before their enthronement - hence its present name.

37 High Street, Salisbury, United Kingdom where they lodged