Sir Thomas Dunk

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Sir Thomas Dunk (died 1718) was an English ironmonger and benefactor. He was appointed Sheriff of London in 1711, and served under Mayor of London Sir Richard Hoare. Dunk lived at Tongs in Hawkhurst, Kent, England and was from a family of 'great clothiers'. In his will he endowed for Hawkhurst six almshouses, a school for twenty boys, and a house for a school master. William Richards accepted the condition for inheriting Dunk's large estate, that he should change his surname to Dunk, a condition that passed down to later heirs. On marrying the daughter Anne of William Dunk in 1741, George Montagu, 2nd Earl of Halifax became George Montagu-Dunk, 2nd Earl of Halifax.

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Dunk's Almshouses and Schoolroom In his will of 1718 Sir Thomas Dunk gave and endowed these six dwellings for poor people a school for twenty boys and a house for the master

Rye Road, Hawkhurst, United Kingdom where they donated