William Turton

Died aged c. 75

William Turton (21 May 1762 – 28 December 1835) was an English naturalist. Turton was born at Olveston, Gloucestershire and was educated at Oriel College, Oxford. He commenced in practice at Swansea, but devoted his leisure time to natural history, especially conchology. He published several illustrated shell books, and a translation of Gmelin's edition of Linnaeus' Systema Naturae in 1806. Turton died at Bideford. His shell collection is now located at the Smithsonian Institution. The bivalve genus Turtonia and the species Galeomma turtoni was named for him.

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William Turton Corn and hay merchant here at Turton's Wharf and Warehouse rebuilt 1876. He pioneered horse drawn tramways across northern England. From 1866 he ran omnibuses in Leeds, becoming a founding director, then chairman, of Leeds Tramways Company 1872-1895. Councillor and Poor Law Guardian. 1825-1900

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