Charles White FRS MRCS

Died aged c. 85

Charles White FRS (4 October 1728 – 20 February 1813) was an English physician and a co-founder of the Manchester Royal Infirmary, along with local industrialist Joseph Bancroft. White was an able and innovative surgeon who made significant contributions in the field of obstetrics. White kept the mummified body of one of his female patients in a room of his house in Sale for 55 years, probably at least partly because she had a morbid fear of being mistakenly buried alive.

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Charles White born 4th October 1728, died 20th February 1813. Near to this site stood the house of Charles White, MRCS, FRS, one of the founders and the first surgeon to the Manchester Royal Infirmary (est. 27th July 1752). He later founded what is now Saint Mary's Hospital, Manchester (est. 5th May 1790).

corner of King Street and Cheapside, Manchester, United Kingdom where they lived near