Lady Deborah Moody

woman and Lady

Died aged c. 73

Deborah, Lady Moody (born Deborah Dunch) (1586– circa 1659) is notable as the founder of Gravesend, Brooklyn, and is the only woman known to have started a village in colonial America. She was the first known female landowner in the New World. As a wealthy titled woman, she had unusual influence in New Netherland, where she was respected. In the Massachusetts Bay Colony, where she had first settled after leaving England because of persecution as an Anabaptist, she had been described by contemporaries as "a dangerous woman" and chose excommunication over giving up her beliefs.

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Lady Deborah Moody

Lady Deborah Moody [full inscription unknown]

27 Gravesend Neck Road Brooklyn, NY 11223, New York, NY, United States where they was