Oswald Short

Died aged c. 86

Hugh Oswald Short, AFRAeS (16 January 1883 – 4 December 1969) was an English aeronautical engineer.

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Commemorated on 3 plaques

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The Short brothers Horace, Eustace and Oswald aviation pioneers and their workforce founded Britain's aircraft seaplane and flying boat industry Isle of Sheppey 1908 Rochester 1914-1948

Esplanade, Rochester, United Kingdom where they founded Britain's aircraft seaplane and flying boat industry

Transport Heritage Site 'Red Wheel' #63

Mussel Manor & Shellbeach Aerodrome. Flying ground of the Aero Club, chosen 1909 by the Short brothers for the world's first aircraft factory, building Wright brothers' "Flyers"

Muswell Manor, Leysdown-on-Sea, United Kingdom where they built

The Short Brothers Horace 1872-1917 Eustace 1875-1932 Oswald 1883-1969 aeronautical engineers worked in arches 75 and 81

Arch 75, Queen's Circus, Battersea Park, SW8 4ND, London, United Kingdom where they worked