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Yorkshire Bank is a trading name used by Clydesdale Bank plc for its retail banking operations in England. Yorkshire Bank was founded in 1859 as the West Riding Penny Savings Bank and adopted its present name in 1959. It was acquired by National Australia Bank (NAB) in 1990 and was merged into NAB's other subsidiary, Clydesdale Bank in 2005, continuing to operate as distinct trading division. In 2016 NAB divested its UK operations as CYBG plc which went on to acquire Virgin Money plc in 2018. The Yorkshire Bank name is expected to be phased out in favour of the Virgin Money brand during 2020.

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1 Albert Road 1872 This building was designed in the French Gothic style by Gordon Hoskins for the bankers K. Backhouse and Company. The southern part of the building was used as a house for the bank manager. It was occupied by the Yorkshire Bank until the 1980's.

1 Albert Road, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom where it was