Thomas Sheridan

Died aged c. 69

Thomas Sheridan (1719 – 14 August 1788) was an Irish stage actor, an educator, and a major proponent of the elocution movement. He received his M.A. in 1743 from Trinity College in Dublin, and was the godson of Jonathan Swift. He also published a "respelled" dictionary of the English language (1780). He was married (1747) to Frances Chamberlaine. His son was the better known Richard Brinsley Sheridan, while his daughter Alicia also wrote plays. His work is very noticeable in the writings of Hugh Blair.

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Near this site between 1770 and 1772 lived Thomas Sheridan Actor & Orthoepist 1719-1788 Richard Brinsley Sheridan Dramatist 1751-1816

9 New King Street, Bath, United Kingdom where they lived (1770-1772)