Feeney Art Galleries

Aged 108

Commemorated on 2 plaques

Elliott Brown on Flickr
Elliott Brown on Flickr

The Second World War 1939- 1945 During the night of Nov 22nd 1940 six of the Feeney Art Galleries were destroyed by a bomb. Damage was also done to the bridge gallery and the natural history museum. No harm occured to any member of staff. The exhibits had already been removed to places of safety

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Chamberlain Square, Birmingham, United Kingdom where they was destroyed by a bomb (1940)

In grateful memory of John Feeney to whose generosity the City of Birmingham owes the erection of these picture galleries. Opened 1912. Completed 1919

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Great Charles Street Queensway, Birmingham, United Kingdom where they built (1912-1919)