William S. Clark

Died aged c. 86

William Stephens Clark - owner of C & J Clark Ltd in the late 19th century, based in Street, Somerset


Helen Bright Clark (1840–1927) was a British women's rights activist and suffragist. The daughter of a radical Member of Parliament, Clark was a prominent speaker for women's voting rights and at times a political realist who served as a mainstay of the 19th century suffrage movement in South West England. A liberal in all senses, Clark aided progress toward universal human brotherhood through her activities in organisations which assisted former slaves and aboriginal peoples.

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Crispin Hall Named after the Patron Saint of Shoemakers, this building was opened by John Bright on October 12th, 1885 after William S. Clark decided to improve the cultural facilities for Clarks employees and other Streetonians. Previously there had been a small library at the factory in the charge of James Lovell the doorkeeper. Art classes and talk on sundry educational subjects were also held there in the reading room which was added later. A large public hall, lecture and reading rooms; a library and a museum were then provided here. The building now houses a number of small businesses and community activities. A display of photographs of Street dating back to the 19th century may be seen inside by the main stairway.

Crispin Hall, 81 High Street, Street, United Kingdom where they improved the cultural facilities for Clarks employees and other Streetonians