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The Birmingham and Fazeley Canal is a canal of the Birmingham Canal Navigations in the West Midlands of England. Its purpose was to provide a link between the Coventry Canal and Birmingham and thereby connect Birmingham to London via the Oxford Canal.

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Elliott Brown on Flickr
Elliott Brown on Flickr

10 Toll Office This office was used for the collection of tolls from boats entering the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal (built 1783) at this point.

Cambrian Wharf, Birmingham & Fazeley Canal, Birmingham, United Kingdom where it was (1783)

11 Farmer's Bridge Junction Formed in 1783 by the joining of the Birmingham and Fazeley canal and the 600 metre branch of the Birmingham canal (leading to its Newhall St. terminus).

Farmer's Bridge, Cambrian Wharf, Birmingham, United Kingdom where it was (1783)