Cecil Jackson-Cole

Died aged c. 78

Cecil Jackson-Cole (Albert Cecil Cole; 1 November 1901 – 9 August 1979) was an English entrepreneur and humanitarian. He was associated with a number of charities including Oxfam, Help the Aged and Action Aid. A devout Christian, Jackson-Cole set up charitable trusts including the Voluntary and Christian Service Trust that ultimately gave rise to the charities Help the Aged (1961), the Anchor Housing Trust (1968) and Action Aid (1973). He was a co-founder of the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief which became the largest charity of its kind in the British Commonwealth.}} He was the founder of the Andrews Charitable Trust (formally the Phyllis Trust and World in Need) the first modern Venture Philanthropy organisation. In 1946, Jackson-Cole founded Andrews and Partners Estate Agents as a business with an ulterior purpose: the development of charities. He created the Christian Initiative Trust and Christian Book Promotion Trust in 1967. Andrews & Partners is 100% owned by the three trusts, who are its only shareholders. His powers of inspiration were rooted in his own beliefs in his causes.

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Cecil Jackson-Cole 1901-1979 entrepreneur and philanthropist helped establish the first Oxfam shop and office here in 1947

17 Broad Street, Oxford, United Kingdom where they helped establish the first Oxfam shop and office