Yemelyan Pugachev

Died aged c. 33

Yemelyan Ivanovich Pugachev (Russian: Емельян Иванович Пугачёв; c. 1742 – 21 January [O.S. 10 January] 1775) was an ataman of the Yaik Cossacks who led a great popular insurrection during the reign of Catherine the Great. Pugachev claimed to be Catherine's late husband, Emperor Peter III. Alexander Pushkin wrote a notable history of the rebellion, The History of Pugachev, and recounted the events of the uprising in his novel The Captain's Daughter (1836).

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Commemorated on 1 plaque

На этом месте находился дом, в подвале которого с 1 по 25 октября 1774 г. содержался под стражей Е.И. Пугачев.

English translation: At this place was a house in the basement of which between October 1st to 25th, 1774 Y. I. Pugachev was detained

Spasskaya str., 12a, Ulyanovsk, Russia where they was detained (1774)