Squire Boone

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Squire Maugridge Boone, Jr., Squire Boone, Jr., or commonly known, as Squire Boone (October 5, 1744 – August 5, 1815) was an American frontiersman, longhunter, soldier, city planner, politician, land locator, judge, politician, gunsmith, miller and brother of Daniel Boone. In 1780, he founded the first settlement in Shelby County, Kentucky. The tenth of eleven children, Squire Boone was born to Squire Boone Sr. and his wife Sarah (Morgan) Boone in Berks County, Pennsylvania at the Daniel Boone Homestead. Although overshadowed by his famous brother, Squire Boone was well known in his day.

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Squire Boone, father of Daniel Boone (1734-1820) the first immortal Western frontiersman, was baptized in this church on Christmas Day 1696

New Haven, Bradninch, United Kingdom where he was baptised (1696)