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4154215258_be56478e1b_sJames Watt blue plaque in BirminghamJames Watt engineer, inventor and industrial pioneer lived here 1777-1790
1351044509_bb57acc543_sMatthew Boulton blue plaque in BirminghamMatthew Boulton 1766-1809 lived here
7045121447_6611d98f28_sGeorge Cadbury blue plaque in BirminghamGeorge Cadbury 1839-1922 Chocolate Manufacturer and Philanthropist lived here 1872-1881
9701099424_e18c989398_sJohn Hardman blue plaque in BirminghamJohn Hardman (1811-1867) master metalworker and stained glass maker of the Gothic Revival lived here
3827712097_8074126260_sJoseph Gillott blue plaque in BirminghamThese were the premises of Joseph Gillott steel pen manufacturer
5886759211_786fdb3e32_sSampson Lloyd blue plaque in BirminghamSampson Lloyd 1699-1779 founder of Lloyd’s Bank lived here
4110783664_3b4c64fd19_sG. R. Elkington blue plaque in BirminghamG. R. Elkington 1801-1865 promoter of Electro-Plating had his works here
7032073605_a427fa85ba_sRichard Cadbury blue plaque in BirminghamRichard Cadbury 1835-1899 Chocolate Manufacturer and Philanthropist lived here 1861-1871
3828529622_f84cbf1449_sThomas Attwood blue plaque in BirminghamThomas Attwood 1783-1856 political reformer lived in a house on this site
6563871397_b1e0f39d8f_sWystan Hugh Auden blue plaque in BirminghamW. H. Auden poet lived in an adjacent house 1919-1939
6930787422_6103495272_sGranville Bantock blue plaque in BirminghamSir Granville Bantock 1868-1946 composer, lived here 1926-1933
13583167214_ba46a2f836_sJohn Baskerville brass plaque in BirminghamJohn Baskerville 1706-1775 printer, publisher and founder of the Baskerville Press lived in a house formerly standing on this site
Nophotosqrplaque № 1543 in BirminghamBirmingham City Council - For the building of the International Convention Centre, Symphony Hall, The National Indoor Arena and Centenary Square
4983917912_39cb3fa290_sGeorge Boddington blue plaque in BirminghamGeorge Boddington lived here 1825-1843
6938809890_cda560dcde_sMatthew Boulton blue plaque in BirminghamMatthew Boulton 1728-1809 engineer and co-founder of the Lunar Society was born near here
5887768034_eccffe1764_sThomas Bray blue plaque in BirminghamThe Old Rectory. Thomas Bray lived here 1690-1729
13807135743_5e847c42ee_sEdward Burne-Jones blue plaque in BirminghamSir Edward Burne-Jones 1833-1898 artist born in a house on this site
4133993187_7e9d517bab_sLouisa Anne Ryland blue plaque in BirminghamThis park, one of many gifts to Birmingham, by Louisa Anne Ryland 1814-1889
NevilleplaqueNeville Chamberlain blue plaque in BirminghamNeville Chamberlain MP Lived here 1911 - 1940. Prime Minister 1937 - 1940
NophotosqrChildren's Hospital plaque in BirminghamChildren's Hospital - 1862 to 1962 [full inscription unknown]
3828473200_b0fb058940_sArthur Conan Doyle blue plaque in BirminghamSir Arthur Conan Doyle creator of Sherlock Holmes lived here 1878-1881
7076861637_98a8281334_sDavid Cox blue plaque in BirminghamDavid Cox Landscape painter 1783-1859 lived here at Greenfield House 1841-1859
3828538820_929fe008c6_sWilliam Sands Cox blue plaque in BirminghamMr William Sands Cox, F.R.S., opened a medical school on this site in 1825, the forerunner of the medical school and the Queen's College, Birmingham.
3828465030_e8401d3a57_sR. W. Dale blue plaque in BirminghamDr R. W. Dale 1829-1895 minister of Carrs Lane Church (1854-1895) theologian and preacher of the civic gospel
NophotosqrBirmingham Dental Hospital plaque in BirminghamBirmingham Dental Hospital [full inscription unknown]
4988521275_7acdc73b68_sGild Hall of the Holy Cross and King Edward VI School blue plaque in BirminghamSite of the Gild Hall of the Holy Cross 1392 from 1552 to 1936 King Edward VI School
5888985616_e6007d962d_sSid Field blue plaque in BirminghamSid Field 1904-1950 Famous Comedian Lived here
2401013475_4b126e8e1d_sJ. Sampson Gamgee blue plaque in BirminghamJ. Sampson Gamgee, F.R.S.E. 1828-1886 surgeon and founder of the Birmingham Hospital Saturday Fund lived on this site
7005579221_f04016bf2a_sThomas Hall green plaque in BirminghamThomas Hall B.D. Schoolmaster, Preacher, Bibliophile taught here from 1629 to 1662.
NophotosqrRowland Hill blue plaque in BirminghamSir Rowland Hill [full inscription unknown]
NophotosqrGeorge Jacob Holyoake plaque in BirminghamGeorge Jacob Holyoake, social reformer [full inscription unknown]
3827685411_131d4aca56_sJohn Hall-Edwards blue plaque in BirminghamMajor Dr. John Hall-Edwards 1858-1926 pioneer radiologist worked here
6775630137_70849dbcda_sTony Hancock white plaque in BirminghamTony Hancock, Comedian of Genius was born at this house on 12th May 1924. He died in Sydney, Australia on 25th June 1968
NophotosqrOscar Deutsch blue plaque in BirminghamOscar Deutsch 1893-1941 opened the first of the chain of the Odeon Cinemas here
4448851470_4e20a28a4e_sWilliam Hutton blue plaque in BirminghamWilliam Hutton Bookseller the first Historian of Birmingham lived on this site from 1772 until 1791
5107686716_1c406b0f44_sWashington Irving blue plaque in BirminghamThe American essayist Washington Irving, 1783-1859 lived in a house on this site 1819-1824
NophotosqrW. Byng Kenrick blue plaque in BirminghamAlderman W Byng Kenrick, civic leader and educationalist
3827693557_86ab785fa0_sAlbert W. Ketèlbey blue plaque in BirminghamAlbert W. Ketèlbey, composer and musician 1875-1959 a student at the Birmingham School of Music, at that time attached to this institute
NophotosqrLady Well plaque in BirminghamLady Well, an early water supply for the City of Birmingham
5888416903_9b88e84a2c_sFrederick Lanchester and George Herbert Lanchester blue plaque in BirminghamThe factory of the Lanchester brothers who built the first British motor car 1895
7064709981_c4d08f2735_sHilda Lloyd blue plaque in BirminghamDame Hilda Lloyd 1891-1982 Senior Surgeon President of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 1949-1952
6871393600_0e9ccd9330_sStone plaque № 1592 in BirminghamCastle Vale estate was built by Birmingham City Council (from 1964) on the site of Castle Bromwich Military airfield (1914-1958) This plaque was unveiled by the Lord Mayor (Councillor Harold Blumenthal) September 10, 1988
5108395402_47632e5022_sJohn Henry Newman blue plaque in BirminghamJohn Henry Cardinal Newman 1801-1890 founder of the English Oratory lived here from 1852 to 1890
NophotosqrNorton Motor Cycle Company white plaque in BirminghamNorton Motor Cycle Company [full inscription unknown]
12860652875_a2d7ca90d9_sBlue plaque № 1598 in BirminghamThe first Rotary Club in the Midlands was chartered in this hotel April 1914 "70 years of service"
7815872230_4786bc5372_sJoseph Southall blue plaque in BirminghamJoseph Southall 1861 - 1944 Artist and Craftsman Lived here from 1882
6868566224_7963c33133_sJohn Benjamin Stone blue plaque in BirminghamSir John Benjamin Stone, M.P., J.P. 1838-1914 Pioneer photographer and politician lived here
4402768224_ddbd393cb8_sLawson Tait blue plaque in BirminghamLawson Tait F.R.C.S. 1845 -1899 pioneer surgeon and gynaecologist lived and worked near here
6897302101_d23cb98587_sEdward Taylor and William Taylor blue plaque in BirminghamEdward Richard Taylor, 1838-1912 art teacher and William Howson Taylor, 1876-1935 potter, lived here
NophotosqrBirmingham Municipal Technical School plaque in BirminghamBirmingham Municipal Technical School [full inscription unknown]
4827913576_f252604fca_sTheatre Royal Birmingham blue plaque in BirminghamOn this site stood the Theatre Royal 1774-1956
NophotosqrWill Thorne plaque in BirminghamWill Thorne, founder of the National Union of General and Municipal Workers
Tolkien%27s_plough_and_harrow_blue_plaqueJohn Ronald Reuel Tolkien blue plaque in BirminghamJ. R. R. Tolkien Author of The Lord Of The Rings Stayed Here June 1916
3029461100_9903dcf1d3_sJohn Ronald Reuel Tolkien blue plaque in BirminghamJ. R. R. Tolkien author 1892-1973 lived here 1910-1911
NophotosqrWarwickshire County Cricket Club plaque in BirminghamThe Warwickshire County Cricket Club [full inscription unknown]
Edgbaston_hall_07William Withering blue plaque in BirminghamWilliam Withering MD FRS 1741-1799 physician and botanist lived here
6897331787_9940968f1c_sFrancis Brett Young blue plaque in BirminghamFrancis Brett Young, 1884 - 1954. Novelist: Poet: Physician. Lived here 1905-6
5316207439_c000417bc1_sJoseph Aloysius Hansom and John Welch stone plaque in BirminghamJoseph Hansom John Welch Architects MDCCCXXXIV
8203189681_010842016b_sBirmingham General Hospital blue plaque in BirminghamHere stood the original Birmingham General Hospital from 1779 to 1897
3827689399_5a88f7edbc_sBirmingham Blue Coat School blue plaque in BirminghamThe Birmingham Blue Coat School stood on the site of this building from 1724 to 1930: since removed to Edgbaston
5888417597_9863a7b68e_sFrederick Lanchester green plaque in BirminghamDr. Frederick W. Lanchester Scientist, inventor & engineer Lived here from 1924 to 1946
Tolkien%27s_sarehole_mill_blue_plaqueJohn Ronald Reuel Tolkien, Matthew Boulton, and Sarehole Mill blue plaque in BirminghamSarehole Mill site of water mill since 1542. Used by Matthew Boulton in mid 18th Century rebuilt 1768 inspired J. R. R. Tolkien 1896-1900
6897558465_d0904ebc79_sQueen's Hospital and Birmingham Accident Hospital blue plaque in BirminghamThe Queen's Hospital (1841 - 1941) and the Birmingham Accident Hospital (1941 - 1993) occupied these buildings
3827707491_25e7eb8570_sAlexander Parkes blue plaque in BirminghamAlexander Parkes 1813-1890 Inventor of the first plastic, worked on this site for Elkington, Mason & Company, electroplaters, circa 1840-1850
6928701831_e16c3dc76a_sRoyal School for the Deaf Children blue plaque in BirminghamNearby the site of the Old Royal School for the Deaf Children. Established 1812. Closed down 1984. Donated by Diamond 7 Group on behalf of E.O.P.A.
6934222904_3785c94279_sWilliam Slim blue plaque in BirminghamField-marshal William SlimViscount Slim of Burma Freeman of the City 1947 Lived here
7044870419_77042023ec_sT. H. Gem, J. B. A. Perera, and Lawn Tennis blue plaque in BirminghamIn 1865 the game of Lawn Tennis was originated and played here by Major T. H. Gem solicitor and sportsman and J. B. A. Perera merchant
7080304503_f3398996e2_sMichael Balcon blue plaque in BirminghamSir Michael Balcon 1896-1977 Film maker and creator of the character PC George Dixon (of Dock Green) Student at this School 1907-1912
NophotosqrOliver Lodge plaque in BirminghamSir Oliver Lodge Here stood Marimont the home of Sir Oliver Lodge 1901 - 1920
3999376520_2226c047e3_sJoseph Priestley blue plaque in BirminghamOn this site in the former New Meeting House Joseph Priestley LLD FRS scholar, scientist, theologian and discoverer of oxygen ministered to his congregation from 1870 to 1791
5023461871_8fae497f20_sRowland Hill blue plaque in BirminghamSir Rowland Hill KCB 1795 to 1879 postal reformer resided at number 68 opposite 1802 to 1803
7017530767_647b6c284d_sBritain's Spitfires blue plaque in BirminghamMost of Britain's Spitfires were made here, 1939 - 1945.
5307836480_2d0b33f1ae_sJosiah Mason blue plaque in BirminghamSir Josiah Mason 1795 - 1881
9696377024_60e29f261a_sBarry Jackson and Birmingham Repertory Company blue plaque in BirminghamSir Barry Jackson 1879 - 1961 Founder of the Birmingham Repertory Company
4629344606_659dc446f5_sBarry Jackson and Old Rep Theatre blue plaque in BirminghamSir Barry Jackson 1879-1961 Founded this theatre Feb. 1913
NophotosqrRowland Hill plaque in BirminghamSir Rowland Hill KGB 1795 - 1879 Postal Reformer resided near here in Gough Street
NophotosqrJohn Jaffray blue plaque in BirminghamJohn Jaffray 1818-1901 Reformer, Philanthopist and founder of the Jaffray Hospital. Lived here from 1862
7076729555_4eb54d91ab_sFrancis William Aston blue plaque in BirminghamFrancis William Aston 1877-1945 Winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry 1922. Lived both here and at Tennal House, opposite 1877-1910
5023459241_96465056df_sPhilip Matsell white plaque in BirminghamBirmingham's Last Public Hanging Near this site, at what was then the junction of Great Charles Street, Snow Hill and Bath Street, Philip Matsell, aged 30 was hanged at 1:25pm on Friday 22nd August 1806 in front of a crowd estimatd at 40,000. He had been convicted of the murder of Robert Twyford, a "peace officer" ( a parish constable or watchman - the percursor of the later Police Officer) on that very spot and was burried in St Phillip's Churchyard. It was over 60 years later, in May 1868, that the last public execution in Britain took place near Ludgate Hill in London
5024069650_64f6cfc4a9_sLudgate Hill and Philip Matsell bronze plaque in BirminghamLudgate Hill was the site of the last public Hanging in Birmingham. For the unfortunate few this was for them indeed The Last Drop
5107090603_d6294e23bc_sConstance C. W. Naden blue plaque in BirminghamConstance C. W. Naden 1858-1889 poet, scientist and philosopher lived here for most of her life
4808924302_022851fb0c_sChristian Kunzle blue plaque in BirminghamChristian Kunzle 1879-1954 philanthropist whose confectionary business and charity office occupied this site
3621087009_593dafe463_sCurzon Street Station red plaque in BirminghamCurzon Street Station. This plaque commemorates the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the first London to Birmingham train at this station on Monday 17th September 1838
3960632676_e4e5324951_sRobert Martineau, Thomas Martineau, Ernest Martineau, Wilfrid Martineau, and 1 other in BirminghamRobert Martineau (1798-1870) Mayor of Birmingham 1846-1847 Thomas Martineau (1828-1893) Mayor of Birmingham 1884-1887 Ernest Martineau (1861-1952) Lord Mayor of Birmingham 1912-1914 Wilfrid Martineau (1889-1964) Lord Mayor of Birmingham 1940-1941 Denis Martineau (1920-1999) Lord Mayor of Birmingham 1986-1987 Five successive generations, father to son, of the same family.
4991405430_ef6f1a90bd_sGrey plaque № 5158 in BirminghamA Meteorite fell in Natan, China in 1516. 484 years later on the night of 26th March 2000 it fell from the skies again landing in Birmingham's Bullring
5888416519_90708fea92_sWilliam James Bloye blue plaque in BirminghamWilliam James Bloye 1890-1975 civic sculptor had a studio on this site from 1925
13781493804_465b7bdcf3_sEdward Burne-Jones bronze plaque in BirminghamEdward Burne-Jones was born in 1833 in a house on this site demolished 1930
7327422758_3c029f3d94_sLeon Abrams and Ray Lightwood blue plaque in BirminghamLeon Abrams and Ray Lightwood developed and implanted the first variable rate pacemaker in 1960
8560988037_34b258c160_sHilda Lloyd blue plaque in BirminghamDame Hilda Lloyd Professor of Obstetrics saved many through her midwife ‘flying squads’ set up in 1936
8562093266_8e59558485_sNorman Haworth blue plaque in BirminghamSir Norman Haworth Nobel Laureate in Chemistry for work on carbohydrates and vitamin C 1937
8560903653_6ab563e8fd_sPeter Medawar blue plaque in BirminghamSir Peter Medawar won a Nobel Prize for his work on graft rejection and acquired immune tolerance in 1960
8562093422_390cf53af3_sCharles Lapworth blue plaque in BirminghamCharles Lapworth undertook pioneering work into the formation of mountain belts 1882–1883
8560987527_7215875361_sFrederick W Shotton blue plaque in BirminghamFrederick Shotton furthered understanding of climate change 1949–1974
8482877293_f4c308c4bc_sGranville Bantock blue plaque in BirminghamSir Granville Bantock, composer and conductor, Professor of Music 1908–34
8562093864_cc220da36b_sEdward Elgar blue plaque in BirminghamSir Edward Elgar, composer, became the University’s first Professor of Music in 1905
8562093676_725663f1a2_sMark Oliphant blue plaque in BirminghamSir Mark Oliphant pioneer of particle physics with the Proton Synchrotron built here 1946–1953
8562093594_3b1bb868e9_sRobert Otto Frisch and Rudolf E Peierls blue plaque in BirminghamOtto Frisch and Rudolf Peierls showed the feasibility of an airborne atomic weapon here in 1940
8560987687_14140c7c60_sJohn Randall and Harry Boot blue plaque in BirminghamJohn Randall and Harry Boot first operated a Cavity Magnetron to produce radar waves here on 21 Feb 1940
8560987907_c2270bd9be_sJohn Henry Poynting blue plaque in BirminghamJohn Henry Poynting, first Professor of Physics, determined the mass of Earth in Birmingham in 1890
8562071286_b3d4ccb9da_sMargery Fry blue plaque in BirminghamMargery Fry, influential prison reformer and one of the first female magistrates. Warden here 1908–1914

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