This tablet, a tribute of personal respect and affection has been placed here to mark the spot where on the 15th of Sept 1830 the day of the opening of this rail road the Right Hon, William Huskisson MP singled out by the decree of inscrutable providence from the midst of the distinguished multitude that surrounded him. In the full pride of his talents and the perfection of his usefulness met with the accident that occasioned his death; Which deprived England of an illustrious statesman and Liverpool of its most honored representative which changed a moment of the noblest exultation and triumph that science and Genius had ever achieved into one of desolation and mourning: and striking terror into the hearts of assembled thousands, brought home to every bosom the forgotten truth that "in the midst of life we are in death."

Huskisson famously died by being run over by Stephenson's Rocket on the opening day of the Liverpool and Manchester railway. The plaque currently resides in the National Railway Museum due to vandalism, but this is it's proper location.

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Plaque is now missing

Huskisson Memorial, cutting nr Parkside Road, Newton-le-Willows
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