Francis Ledwidge poet born in Slane 1887 killed in France 1917. He shall not hear the bittern cry in the wild sky, where he is lain, Nor voices of the sweeter birds above the wailing of the rain

This plaque - designed by Séamus Murphy, RHA - was orginally placed on the nearby Slane Bridge over the River Boyne, and was moved to this cottage where Francis Ledwidge was born and lived. Slane Bridge now has a stone plaque for Ledwidge with the same inscription.The plaque bears an extract from Ledwidge's poem 'Lament for Thomas McDonagh', his close friend who was executed by British authorities - along with the other remaining leaders of the defeated Easter Rising - in Dublin on 3rd May 1916.The cottage now houses the Francis Ledwidge Museum

Ledwidge Cottage Museum, Drogheda Road, Slane
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by Muintir na Tíre

Colour: bronze



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