John Kirby Allen

Died aged c. 28

John Kirby Allen (1810 – August 15, 1838), was a co-founder of the city of Houston and a former member of the Republic of Texas House of Representatives. He was born in Canaseraga Village, New York (the present day hamlet of Sullivan in the Town of Sullivan, New York). He never married. He died of congestive fever on August 15, 1838, and was buried at Founders Memorial Cemetery in Houston, Texas.

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Texas Historical Marker #07456

Galveston Chamber of Commerce. One of the oldest Chambers of Commerce in Texas. Informally organized, spring 1838, during Republic of Texas, by a small group of Galveston's original civic leaders. Formally chartered February 3, 1845. Among founders were men who had, or soon would have, statewide fame: John K. Allen (founder of Houston), Gail Borden (dairy king), Michel B. Menard (a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence), Samuel May Williams (colonizing contractor), and Thomas F. McKinney (versatile businessman). These men assisted city in establishing a local government and helped Galveston City Co. sell lots for homes and businesses. They aided in organizing Galveston County and instituting mail connections with nearby Brazoria and Harris counties. Waterborne commerce -- basis of island's economy -- was promoted by the group, which also aided growth and prosperity by encouraging settlers to work and reside here. Over the years this voluntary organization of business leaders has played a role in development of the port, the University of Texas Medical branch, tourist industry, causeways, Maritime Academy, and Galveston Community College, as well as fostering the advance of the city's industry and commerce. #7456

2106 Seawall Blvd., Galveston, TX, United States where they was

Texas Historical Marker #10593

Gravesite of John Kirby Allen. (1810-1838) Co-founder of Houston) Houston in 1836 was a humid swamp overgrown with sweet gum trees and coffee bean weeds. In this spot, however, two brothers from New York recognized the future "commercial emporium of Texas." John Kirby Allen was born and lived in New York until moving to Texas in 1832 with his older brother Augustus Chapman Allen, a professor of mathematics. A natural leader with a magnetic personality, J. K. Allen was an astute businessman as well. He and his brother soon saw that the area around Buffalo Bayou could readily become a major seaport. Immediately after the Battle of San Jacinto (April 21, 1836), J. K. Allen carefully chose the site of future Huston. On August 24 and 26, the brothers paid $9,428 for 6,642 acres of land originally granted by Mexico to John Austin, a pioneer colonist. Fittingly, they named the town for Sam Houston, leader of the Texas Army. In glowing words, the brothers advertised their infant town all over the United States; and J. K. Allen, who was soon elected representative to the Texas Congress, worked unceasingly to make Houston the capital of Texas, as it became-- 1837 to 1839. At 28, J. K. Allen died of congestive fever, but the town he founded has since become Texas' largest city. #10593

1217 W Dallas, Houston, TX, United States where they was buried (1838)

Texas Historical Marker #10594

John Kirby Allen. Born in Canasareaugh, New York 1810. Came to Texas in 1832. Died in Houston August 18, 1838. John K. Allen was a member of the first Congress of the Republic (1836-1837) from Nacogdoches County. He and his brother, Augustus C. Allen, on August 25, 1836 purchased a league of land from Mrs. T. F. L. Parrott for five thousand dollars, on which on August 29, 1836 they founded the town of Houston named in honor of the hero of San Jacinto. #10594

1217 W Dallas, Houston, TX, United States where they founded