Dame Anna Neagle DBE

Died aged c. 82

Dame Florence Marjorie Wilcox, (née Robertson; 20 October 1904 – 3 June 1986), known professionally as Anna Neagle, was an English stage and film actress, singer and dancer. She was a successful box-office draw in the British cinema for 20 years and was voted the most popular star in Britain in 1949. She was known for providing glamour and sophistication to war-torn London audiences with her lightweight musicals, comedies and historical dramas. Almost all of her films were produced and directed by Herbert Wilcox, whom she married in 1943. In her historical dramas Anna Neagle was renowned for her portrayals of British historical figures, including Nell Gwynn (Nell Gwynn, 1934), Queen Victoria (Victoria the Great, 1937 and Sixty Glorious Years, 1938) and Edith Cavell (Nurse Edith Cavell, 1939).

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Dame Anna Neagle 1904-1986 actress and Herbert Wilcox 1890-1977 film producer lived here 1953-1969

18 Lewes Crescent, Brighton, United Kingdom where they lived (1953-1969)

Dame Anna Neagle film and stage actress 1904-1986 and her husband Herbert Wilcox CBE film producer and director 1890-1977 lived here 1950-1964

Aldford House, London, United Kingdom where they lived (1950-1964)

Centenary Of Cinema 1996 #093

Dame Anna Neagle and Herbert Wilcox [full inscription unknown]

Elstree Film Studios, Borehamwood, United Kingdom where they worked