Sir Rt Hon. Earl Viscount Lord Archibald Primrose KG PC KT

5th Earl of Rosebery (from 1868), Lord Privy Seal (1880-1880), Privy Counsellor (from 1885), 1st Chairman of the London County Council (1889-1890), Chairman of the London County Council (1892), 801st Knight of the Order of the Garter (from 1892), 47th Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1894-1895), Knight of the Order of the Thistle (from 1895), 1st Earl of Midlothian (from 1911), 1st Viscount Mentmore (from 1911), and 1st Baron Epsom (from 1911)

Died aged 82

Archibald Philip Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery, 1st Earl of Midlothian, KG, KT, PC (7 May 1847 – 21 May 1929) was a Scottish Liberal statesman who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 5 March 1894 to 22 June 1895. Between the death of his father, in 1851, and the death of his grandfather, the 4th Earl, in 1868, he was known by the courtesy title of Lord Dalmeny. Rosebery first came to national attention in 1879–1880 by sponsoring the successful Midlothian campaign of William Ewart Gladstone. He briefly was in charge of Scottish affairs. This finest performance in office came as chairman of the London County Council in 1889. He entered the cabinet in 1885 and served twice as foreign minister, paying special attention to French and German affairs. He succeeded Gladstone as prime minister and leader of the Liberal party in 1894; the Liberals lost the 1895 election. He resigned the party leadership in 1896 and never again held political office. He was widely known as a brilliant orator, an outstanding sportsman and marksman, a writer and historian, connoisseur and collector. All of these activities attracted him more than politics, which grew boring and unattractive. Furthermore, he drifted to the right of the Liberal party and became a bitter critic of its policies. Winston Churchill, observing that he never adapted to democratic electoral competition, quipped: "He would not stoop; he did not conquer." Rosebery was a Liberal Imperialist who favoured strong national defence and imperialism abroad and social reform at home, while being solidly anti-socialist. Historians judge him a failure as foreign minister and as prime minister.

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Archibald Philip Primrose 5th Earl of Rosebery 1847-1929 Prime Minister and first Chairman of the London County Council was born here

20 Charles Street, Westminster, London, United Kingdom where they was born (1847)