Earl of Mercia (until 1057)

Died aged c. 89

Leofric (died 31 August or 30 September 1057) was an Earl of Mercia. He founded monasteries at Coventry and Much Wenlock. Leofric is most remembered as the husband of Lady Godiva.

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Godiva, Lady of Coventry (died 10th September 1067) and her husband Leofric, Earl of Mercia (died 28th September 1057) were buried here in the church of Benedictine monastery they founded in 1043 on the site of St Osburg's nunnery, sacked by the Danes in 1016. The Saxon church, which became Coventry's first Cathedral in 1102, was replaced in the 13th century by a great church, destroyed at the Dissolution in 1539. The remains of the west end are here exposed to view: vestiges of the east and adjoin the present cathedral. No traces of the Saxon buildings have yet been discovered.

3-5 Priory Row - Priory Gardens, Coventry, United Kingdom where they was buried here in the church of Benedictine monastery (1057)