Charles Lukens

Died aged c. 39

Dr. Charles Lukens (born 1786), Charles Lloyd Lukens M.D., was the son of David and Sarah (Lloyd) Lukens of Gwynedd in Montgomery County. Charles met Rebecca Pennock, later known as Rebecca Lukensthrough her father Isaac Pennock. He was married in 1813. Charles and Rebecca had six children. All but two died; Isabella and Martha Pennock Lukens.The two buildings stand today and are known as the "Terracina" and the "VFW". Charles Lukens died in 1825, short after, his wife took over and added onto the steel mill. Rebecca later died and had her children's husbands take over. In 1890, the last of the family partnerships was dissolved, and the business organized as a stock company under the name "Lukens Iron & Steel Co". Now Operating as ArcelorMittal The new title reflecting the fact that steel was steadily replacing iron for many industrial uses.

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Brandywine Mansion. Historic Fleming house, purchased by Moses Coates in 1787. Acquired in 1810 by Jesse Kersey and Isaac Pennock, founders of the Brandywine Iron Works. Occupied 1816-1825 by Pennock's son-in-law, Dr. Charles Lukens, whose widow Rebecca continued and expanded the firm's operations following his death. Rebecca Lukens, who lived here until her death in 1854, gained renown for her vision and business capability.

102 S. 1st Ave., Coatesville, PA, United States where they lived (1816-1825)