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Lindisfarne, also called Holy Island, is a tidal island off the northeast coast of England, which constitutes the civil parish of Holy Island in Northumberland. Holy Island has a recorded history from the 6th century AD; it was an important centre of Celtic Christianity under Saints Aidan, Cuthbert, Eadfrith, and Eadberht of Lindisfarne. After the Viking invasions and the Norman conquest of England, a priory was re-established. A small castle was built on the island in 1550.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

City Hall Newcastle. Alan Hull 1945-1995. Born Benwell. Humanist, songwriter and poet, singer and musician. Performed here with the group Lindisfarne on over 120 occasions. The Fog on the Tyne was all his.

City Hall, Northumberland Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom where it performed

Lindisfarne. Folk-rock songwriters and musicians. Writers of the much loved ‘Fog on the Tyne’.

South Shore Road, Gateshead, United Kingdom where it was allegedly