Francis Barraud

Died aged 68

Francis James Barraud (16 June 1856 – 29 August 1924) was an English painter. He is best known for his work His Master's Voice, one of the most famous commercial logos in the world, having inspired a music industry trademark used by corporations including HMV, EMI and RCA Victor. The image, which depicts a dog named Nipper listening to a wind-up disc gramophone and tilting his head, helped popularize the nascent field of sound recording and brought Barraud worldwide fame. He subsequently established himself as an artist for corporate clients, spending the rest of his career producing two dozen copies of the painting which made his name.

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Family tree

dog owner of Nipper 1887-95

Commemorated on 1 plaque

In 1899 Francis Barraud completed his famous picture of 'Nipper' that became known as His Masters Voice

127 Piccadilly, London, United Kingdom where they painted (1898-1899)