Laurence Cunningham

Died aged c. 33

Laurence Paul "Laurie" Cunningham (8 March 1956 – 15 July 1989) was an England international footballer. Cunningham was reported to be the first black player to represent England at any level (having played at under 21 level). However, in May 2013, The Football Association amended their records, so that now Benjamin Odeje holds this record, having represented England seven years earlier at schoolboy level.

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footballer of Leyton Orient Football Club 1974-77 and footballer of England national football team 1979-80

Commemorated on 2 plaques

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Spudgun67 on Wikimedia Commons

Laurie Cunningham 1956-1989 football legend, pioneering England International played for Leyton Orient FC 1974-1977

Kitchen Court, opposite the Brisbane Road stadium, London, United Kingdom where they played (1974-1977)

Laurie Cunningham 1956-1989 England International Footballer lived here

73 Lancaster Road, Stroud Green, London, United Kingdom where they lived