Hester Thrale

Died aged c. 80

Hester Lynch Thrale (born Hester Lynch Salusbury and became after her second marriage Hester Lynch Piozzi, 27 January 1741 [NS] – 2 May 1821) was a British diarist, author, and patron of the arts. Her diaries and correspondence are an important source of information about Samuel Johnson and 18th-century life.

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friend of Samuel Johnson

Commemorated on 3 plaques

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Here lived Mrs Piozzi B.1741 D.1821

8 Gay Street, Bath, United Kingdom where they lived

Immediately to the south of this building stood the house occupied by Hester and Henry Thrale where Samuel Johnson and Fanny Burney were frequent visitors

78 West Street, Brighton, United Kingdom where they lived

Hester Thrale (Mrs Piozzi) Dr. Johnson's friend b. 1741 died here 2nd May 1821

20 Sion Hill, Bristol, United Kingdom where they died (1821)