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Swinton Hall c.1740s-1914 Swinton Hall Road which was once known as Jane Lane, gets its name from a large house which originally stood on the site of the present day shopping precinct. Its original inhabitants were cotton merchants called Strettel, although it was the Chadwick family that made improvements between 1742 and 1851. Chadwick Walk and Chadwick Street recall this family name. The hall was rebuilt and relocated in the early 1800s, to a site now covered by the junction of Clarendon Road and Swinton Hall Road. The house had a fine conservatory and was set in large open grounds at the brow of a hill, overlooking a lake which bordered Chorley Road. The house and grounds were largely demolished in the 1870s to make way for terraced houses, but part of the house survived until the early 20th century.

Swinton Hall Road, Swinton, United Kingdom where it was