Frances Burney

woman, author, novelist, and diarist

Died aged 87

Frances Burney (13 June 1752 – 6 January 1840), also known as Fanny Burney and later Madame d'Arblay, was an English satirical novelist, diarist and playwright. In 1786–1790 she held the post as "Keeper of the Robes" to Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, George III's queen. In 1793, aged 41, she married a French exile, General Alexandre d'Arblay. After a long writing career and wartime travels that stranded her in France for over a decade, she settled in Bath, England, where she died on 6 January 1840. The first of her four novels, Evelina (1778), was the most successful and remains her most highly regarded. Most of her plays were not performed in her lifetime. She wrote a memoir of her father (1832) and many letters and journals that have been gradually published since 1889.

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Keeper of the Robes of Charlotte, Princess Royal

Commemorated on 7 plaques

Madame D’Arblay (Fanny Burney) authoress lived here. born 1752 died 1840

11 Bolton Street, London, United Kingdom where they lived

Fanny Burney stayed here 1780 B.1752 D.1840

14 South Parade, Bath, United Kingdom where they stayed

Immediately to the south of this building stood the house occupied by Hester and Henry Thrale where Samuel Johnson and Fanny Burney were frequent visitors

78 West Street, Brighton, United Kingdom where they visited

In this village Fanny Burney novelist and diarist and her husband Gen. D' Arblay built their cottage 'Camilla' they lived in Westhumble 1797-1801

Chapel Lane, Westhumble, United Kingdom where they lived near (1797-1801)

St Margaret's Vicarage Built c.1830 for a Lynn merchant, this house has been the Vicarage since 1912. From the previous house on this site novelist Fanny Burney (1752-1840) observed the social life of Lynn, staying there as a regular visitor.

St Margaret's Place, King's Lynn, United Kingdom where they stayed

From 1785 to 1788 Mrs Mary Delany (1700-1788) artist and friend of Royalty lived here in a house provided by King George III. A frequent visitor was the novelist and diarist Fanny Burney (1752-1840) while engaged as Keeper of the Robes to Queen Charlotte.

Windsor Castle Wall, St Albans Street, Windsor, United Kingdom where they visited

84 High Street Dr Charles Burney (1726-1814) composer and music historian, and his daughter Fanny Burney (1752-1840) novelist and diarist, lived here in the 1750's

84 High Street, King's Lynn, United Kingdom where they lived