Jessie Ball duPont

woman, philanthropist, and teacher

Died aged c. 86

Jessie Ball duPont was born in 1884 and was educated at what is now Longwood College in Farmville, Virginia. In 1908 she moved with her parents to San Diego, where she became assistant principal in the largest elementary school in the city. In 1920, she re-established an earlier friendship with Alfred I. duPont, and they were married in 1921. When he died in 1935 she became the principal trustee of his estate. In his memory she created three foundations: one to build a children’s hospital in Delaware, a second to serve the needy in Florida, Delaware and Virginia and a third to recognize outstanding contributions in the field of broadcast journalism. For four decades she funded gifts to churches, major charities, children’s homes, historic buildings and art museums. When she died in 1970, her will established the Jessie Ball duPont Religious, Charitable and Educational Fund to continue her philanthropic work.


Jessie Ball duPont (January 20, 1884 – September 26, 1970) was an American teacher, philanthropist and designated a Great Floridian by the Florida Department of State.

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Jessie Ball duPont

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