Achille Murat

Prince Murat (until 1828)

Died aged c. 46

Prince Napoleon Achille Murat, the Crown Prince of Naples, was born in 1801. In physical appearance, he resembled his uncle, Napoleon Bonaparte. Murat came to St. Augustine in the spring of 1824, and quickly became woven into the social fabric of the community. He joined the Masonic lodge, became a bondsman of the city treasurer and dabbled in local politics. While living in New Orleans and Tallahassee, Murat studied and wrote about the law and government, publishing A Moral and Political Sketch of the United States of North America in 1832 and other works. After unsuccessfully pursuing the Bonaparte inheritance in Europe in the late 1830s, Murat and his wife Catherine, retired to their Tallahassee plantation. There, he died April 15, 1847 at the age of 46.


Charles Louis Napoleon Achille Murat (known as Achille, 21 January 1801 – 15 April 1847) was the eldest son of Joachim Murat, the brother-in-law of Napoleon who was appointed King of Naples during the First French Empire. After his father was deposed and executed by his own subjects, Achille Murat went into exile in Austria with his siblings and mother. At the age of 21, Achille Murat emigrated to the United States and settled at St. Augustine, Florida, becoming a naturalized citizen sometime after July 1828 and dropping his European titles.

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Prince Napoleon Achille Murat [full inscription unknown]

Prince Murat House, 250 St. George Street, St. Augustine, FL, United States where they was