Ernest Denis

Died aged c. 72

Ernest Denis (January 3, 1849 – January 4, 1921) was a French historian. Denis became known as a specialist of Germany and Bohemia, and played a major role in the establishment of the Czechoslovak state in 1918. Along with Louis Léger, he is considered to be one of the most highly regarded 20th-century historians of the Slav world in France. Upon his death, the Czechoslovak state bought his residence in Paris in order to create an institute for Slavic studies.

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La Répvbliqve Tchécoslovaqve par vne donation nationale a offert a l'Vniversité de Paris cette maison, qvi fvt celle d'Ernest Denis. Et ov il fonda en 1919 avec le génerevx concovrs des govvernements Tchécoslovaqve et Yovgoslave l'Institvt d'étvdes slaves

English translation: The Czechoslovak Republic, by a national donation, has offered to the University of Paris this house, that of Ernest Denis. And in 1919 he founded with the concerted generosity of the Czechoslovak and Ukrainian governments the Institutes of Slavonic Studies

9 rue Michelet, Paris, France where they lived