Royal Pump Room


Died aged 181

Commemorated on 1 plaque

The Royal Pump Room. Dr. Edmund Deane first drew the attention of the world to the strongest sulphur spring in Great Britain when he published his 'Spadacrene Anglica' in 1626. This Royal Pump Room was built in in 1841-2 as the first act of the Harrogate Improvement Commissioners to a design by Isaac Thomas Shutt of the Swan Hotel at a cost of £2,249 0s 7d. Betty Lupton, 'The Queen of the Wells' dispensed the waters for decades until her death in 1843 at the age of 83. Public right of access to the spring is recognized by the stray award of 1778 and the Harrogate Act of 1841. Which required the provision of an exterior public pump. The annexe was designed by Leonard Clarke and opened in 1913 by the Lord Mayor of London. The Harrogate Museum was established here in 1953, the historic sulphur spring still being open for use.

Crown Place, Harrogate, United Kingdom where it sited (1841)