Joseph Cottle

Died aged c. 83

Joseph Cottle (1770–1853) was an English publisher and author. Cottle started business in Bristol. He published the works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Robert Southey on generous terms. He then wrote in his Early Recollections an exposure of Coleridge that was, at the time, severely criticised and generally condemned.

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publisher of Charles Lamb , publisher of William Wordsworth , publisher of Robert Southey and publisher of Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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On this corner site from 1791 - 1798 Joseph Cottle (1770 - 1853) bookseller, publisher and poet. The first effective publisher of the poems of Coleridge, Southey, Lamb and Wordsworth (some of whose works were written here)

Broad Street, Bristol, United Kingdom where they worked (1791-1798)