Duke George Villiers

1st Duke of Buckingham (from 1623)

Died aged c. 36

George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham, KG (/ˈvɪlərz/; 28 August 1592 – 23 August 1628), was an English courtier, statesman, and patron of the arts. He was a favourite and possibly also a lover of King James I of England. Buckingham remained at the height of royal favour for the first three years of the reign of James' son, King Charles I, until a disgruntled army officer assassinated him.

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In this house George Villiers Duke of Buckingham was assassinated by John Felton 23. Aug. 1628.

Buckingham House, 11 High Street, Portsmouth, United Kingdom where they was assassinated (1628)