Allan Williams

Died aged 86

Allan Richard Williams (21 February 1930 – 30 December 2016) was a British businessman and promoter who was the original booking agent and first manager of the Beatles. He personally drove the van to take the young band to Hamburg, Germany, in 1960, where they gained the vital show business experience that led to their emergence on the world stage. Williams was also a promoter and agent of a number of other Liverpool rock acts, helping stoke the Merseybeat boom of the early 1960s.

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band manager of The Beatles 1960-61

Commemorated on 1 plaque

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The Jacaranda Club, Liverpool The Beatles and Allan Williams In this place, during 1960, the five founding members of The Beatles staged some of their earliest performances. They began a professional career here by engaging their first manager, Allan Williams who, together with Beryl Williams, were proprietors of this venue. The Jacaranda was a key launching point for the band's future success.

21-23 Slater Street, Liverpool, United Kingdom where they was