John Passmore Edwards

Died aged c. 88

John Passmore Edwards M.P. (24 March 1823 – 22 April 1911) was a British journalist, newspaper owner and philanthropist, and briefly a Member of Parliament.

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Commemorated on 3 plaques

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John Passmore Edwards 1823-1911
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John Passmore Edwards 1823-1911 journalist, editor and builder of free public libraries lived here

51 Netherhall Gardens, Camden, NW3, London, United Kingdom where they lived

John Passmore Edwards 1823-1911 [full inscription unknown]

Vernon Hall, Roman Road, Bow, E3, London, United Kingdom where they was

Passmore Edwards Library, Baths and Wash House a ‘one-stop shop’, opened in 1903 on the corner of Wells Way and Neate Street. Partly funded by Victorian philanthropist John Passmore Edwards, its aim was to improve the health and leisure of local working people, at a time when many houses lacked bathrooms, clothes-washing facilities and books.

Wells Way, London, United Kingdom where they was