Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree

actor-manager and Knight Bachelor (from 1909)

Died aged c. 64

Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree (17 December 1852 – 2 July 1917) was an English actor and theatre manager. Tree began performing in the 1870s. By 1887, he was managing the Haymarket Theatre in the West End, winning praise for adventurous programming and lavish productions, and starring in many of its productions. In 1899, he helped fund the rebuilding, and became manager, of His Majesty's Theatre. Again, he promoted a mix of Shakespeare and classic plays with new works and adaptations of popular novels, giving them spectacular productions in this large house, and often playing leading roles. His wife, actress Helen Maud Holt, often played opposite him and assisted him with management of the theatres. Although Tree was regarded as a versatile and skilled actor, particularly in character roles, by his later years his technique was seen as mannered and old-fashioned. He founded the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in 1904 and was knighted for his contributions to theatre in 1909. His famous family includes his siblings, explorer Julius Beerbohm, author Constance Beerbohm and half-brother caricaturist Max Beerbohm. His daughters were Viola, an actress, Felicity, a socialite and Iris, a poet. His illegitimate children included film director Carol Reed. He was a grandfather of the actor Oliver Reed.

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Commemorated on 3 plaques

Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree 1853-1917 actor-manager lived here

31 Rosary Gardens, Kensington and Chelsea, SW7, London, United Kingdom where they lived

This theatre was founded in 1897 by Herbert Tree actor & directed by him until his death 1917

Charles II Street, London, United Kingdom where they founded

On this site lived Sir Herbert Tree 1852-1917 actor manager

76 Sloane Street, London, United Kingdom where they lived