Isaac D’Israeli

Died aged c. 82

Isaac D'Israeli (11 May 1766 – 19 January 1848) was a British writer, scholar and man of letters. He is best known for his essays, his associations with other men of letters, and as the father of British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

In a house on this site Isaac D’Israeli 1766 – 1848 Author (Father of Benjamin D’Israeli) was born Charles Cowden Clarke 1787 – 1877 Author was born and John Keats Poet was educated (The house became Enfield’s first railway station in 1849)

Enfield Town Railway Station, London, United Kingdom where they was born (1766)

Isaac D'Israeli author lived here. Born 1766 died 1848

6 Bloomsbury Square, London, United Kingdom where they lived