George Lanchester

Died aged c. 96

George Herbert Lanchester, (1874 – 13 February 1970) was an English engineer. He was one of three brothers who played a leading role in the early development of the UK auto-industry. In 1909, following the departure from full-time involvement with the company of his elder brother Frederick, George took over responsibility for the Lanchester Motor Company. Thereafter, while Frederick pursued his own glittering career as one of the leading automotive and aeronautical engineers of the time, it was George who ran the business the brothers had established together.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

Birmingham Cyclist on Flickr
Birmingham Cyclist on Flickr

The factory of the Lanchester brothers who built the first British motor car 1895

MBC Metal Powders, Montgomery Street, Sparkbrook, Birmingham, United Kingdom where they was

George H. Lanchester Vehicle designer & engineer Lived here from 1911 to 1932

30 Dyott Road, Birmingham, United Kingdom where they was