William Bridges Adams

Died aged c. 75

William Bridges Adams (1797 – 23 July 1872) was an English author, inventor and locomotive engineer. He is best known for his patented Adams axle – a successful radial axle design in use on railways in Britain until the end of steam traction in 1968 – and the railway fishplate. His writings, including English Pleasure Carriages (1837) and Roads and Rails (1862) covered all forms of land transport. Later he became a noted writer on political reform, under the pen name Junius Redivivus (Junius reborn); a reference to a political letter writer of the previous century.

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In this house lived William Bridges Adams (1797-1872) Inventor and polemicist, and his wife Sarah Flower (1805-1848) Hymnodist and poet

9 Woodbury Hill, Loughton, United Kingdom where they was