Queen Ann of Bohemia

woman and Queen Consort of England (from 1382)

Died aged c. 28

Anne of Bohemia (11 May 1366 – 7 June 1394) was Queen of England as the first wife of King Richard II. A member of the House of Luxembourg, she was the eldest daughter of Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia, and Elizabeth of Pomerania. She died at age of 28 allegedly of the Plague after 12 years of marriage; she was childless, and greatly mourned by her husband. The marriage was initially unpopular in England inasmuch as, even though Anne's father was perhaps the most powerful monarch in Europe, his relatively distant area of influence could give little trade or political advantage to England, and Anne brought no dowry; instead Richard had to pay her brother a sum. But Anne appears to have won many English people over with her personality, and her efforts to help obtain royal pardons. Anne is buried in Westminster Abbey beside her husband.

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Acquired by William Windover, Merchant, in 16th century. Richard II and Queen Ann feasted the Franciscan Friars Minor here in 1393.

Windover House (nos. 22–24), St Ann Street, Salisbury, United Kingdom where they feasted