Conesford Gate

place and gate

Closed aged unknown

Commemorated on 2 plaques

Paper Mill Yard lies just outside the medieval city limits. These were defined by the City Walls which formed a 2 1/2 mile (4km) defensive barrier around the city. They included 12 gates, one of which, Conesford Gate, stood here until 1794, guarding entry into Norwich via King Street. All of the medieval gates were removed around this time because they were considered too expensive to maintain.

?, Norwich, United Kingdom where it sited

Texas Historical Marker #06976

New Summerfield Public School. Public education in the Union Chapel community, which developed here at the junction of the old Tyler-Rusk and Jacksonville- Henderson roads, began in the 1850s. Early classes were held in the Union Chapel Church, an ecumenical worship facility and community center. A one-room schoolhouse was built in 1895, and after an U.S. post office was established in 1897 under the name Summerfield, the school name changed from Union Chapel School to Summerfield School. The post office closed in 1905. As new facilities were built, surrounding schools began to consolidate with the Summerfield School. A two-room structure built in 1906 was destroyed in a 1920 windstorm. It was replaced that year by a new brick building, the first brick structure in Summerfield. By 1929 the Summerfield Independent School District was formed. A new post office for the community was established in 1938. Because another Texas town was named Summerfield, this became New Summerfield. Throughout its history, the New Summerfield School has been the center of scholastic and social activities. It continues to serve as the focal point of the community. #6976

?, New Summerfield, TX, United States where it sited