Thomas Campbell

Died aged c. 67

Thomas Campbell (27 July 1777 – 15 June 1844) was a Scottish poet. He was a founder and the first President of the Clarence Club and a co-founder of the Literary Association of the Friends of Poland; he was also one of the initiators of a plan to found what became University College London. In 1799 he wrote "The Pleasures of Hope", a traditional 18th-century didactic poem in heroic couplets. He also produced several patriotic war songs—"Ye Mariners of England", "The Soldier's Dream", "Hohenlinden" and, in 1801, "The Battle of the Baltic", but was no less at home in delicate lyrics such as "At Love's Beginning".

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

Thomas Campbell poet born 1777 died 1844 lived here 1840-44

8 Victoria Square, SW1, London, United Kingdom where they was

On this site stood the house in which the poet Campbell lived, 1777 - 1844.

7 Nicholas Street, G1 1QH, Glasgow, United Kingdom where they lived