James Alfred Wight

Died aged 78

James Alfred Wight OBE FRCVS (3 October 1916 ā€“ 23 February 1995), better known by his pen name James Herriot, was a British veterinary surgeon and author. Born in Sunderland, Wight graduated from Glasgow Veterinary College in 1939, returning to England to become a veterinary surgeon in Yorkshire, where he practised for almost 50 years. He is best known for writing a series of eight books set in the 1930sā€“1950s Yorkshire Dales about veterinary practice, animals, and their owners, which began with If Only They Could Talk, first published in 1970. Over the decades, the series of books has sold some 60 million copies. The franchise based on his writings was very successful. In addition to the books, there have been several television and film adaptations of Wight's books, including the 1975 film All Creatures Great and Small; a BBC television series of the same name, which ran 90 episodes; and a 2020 UK Channel 5 series, also of the same name.

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Commemorated on 4 plaques

James Alfred Wight 1916-1995. Veterinary surgeon & author of the James Herriot books lived & worked here. His stories and characters were portrayed in film & television as All Creatures Great & Small.

23 Kirkgate, Thirsk, United Kingdom where they lived and worked

Hotel Majestic. The Hotel Majestic opened on 18 July 1900 as the finest hotel of the world's greatest spa. Built by Frederick hotels and designed by London architect G. D. Martin, the majestic has, for over a century, been the preferred address of visitors such as Winston Churchill, Edward Elgar, Errol Flynn, 'James Herriot', G. B. Shaw and several Prime-Ministers. Bombed on 12 July 1940, the Hotel Majestic served as an RAF Reception Centre during the Second World War. It was extensively refurbished between 1998 and 2002.

Ripon Road, Harrogate, United Kingdom where they stayed

James Alfred Wight OBE FRCVS 1916-1995 The vet, whose pen name was James Herriot and on whose books the TV series All Creatures Great and Small Was based, spent his first 20 years here

Dumbarton Road, Yoker, Glasgow, United Kingdom where they lived (1916-1936)

James Alfred Wight OBE FRCVS 1916-1995 The vet, whose pen name was James Herriot was born here [full inscription unknown]

Brandling Street, Sunderland, United Kingdom where they was born (1916)