Henry Harvey

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Admiral Sir Henry Harvey KB (Bef. 4 Aug 1737 – 28 December 1810) was a long-serving officer of the British Royal Navy during the second half of the eighteenth century. Harvey participated in numerous naval operations and actions and especially distinguished himself at the Glorious First of June in command of HMS Ramillies. His career took him all over the world, particularly on the North American station and in the West Indies where he commanded numerous ships and, later in his career, squadrons during the course of three different wars. Harvey was a member of a distinguished naval family, his brother was killed in action in 1794, three of his sons entered the navy and one of them was later raised to admiral himself.

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This is the original White Hart Hotel, built by Henry Harvey in 1824 with his sister Jane as mine host. Jane was married to Richard Trevithick the Cornish engineering genius and inventor who lived here between his visits abroad to sell and maintain his pumping engines

The White Hart Hotel, Foundry Square, Hayle, United Kingdom where they built (1824)