Miles Thompson

Died aged c. 60

Miles Thompson (born December 8, 1990) is an Iroquois professional lacrosse player who played for the University at Albany in NCAA Division I college lacrosse and plays for the Georgia Swarm in the National Lacrosse League and Chaos Lacrosse Club in the Premier Lacrosse League. He shared the 2014 Tewaaraton Trophy with his brother Lyle.

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Commemorated on 4 plaques

Miles Thompson. Miles Thompson, architect, was born in Kendal in 1808. About 1825 he began work as a draughtsman for Francis and George Webster and took over the business in 1846. He died, unmarried, at his house in The Lound in 1868. He designed many public and domestic buildings in Kendal including the old Market Hall, the Almshouses at Sandes Hospital, the Public Washhouses and Baths and the Inghamite Chapel. He is particularly associated with the development of Collin Croft and with the houses on Beast Banks where the figure on the gable of No 21 of a man holding an architect's drawing was placed there by Miles's brother Robert. The original figure disintegrated with age and weather and the replacement was commissioned by the Kendal Civic Society.

Beast Banks, Kendal, United Kingdom where they designed

WEBSTER'S YARD. This name Webster commemorates Kendal's most distinguished architects. Francis Webster and his son George. In 1788 Francis Webster joined a local mason in premises in this yard. He built the obelisk on Castle How and designed two of the town's bridges, the Friends Meeting House and a number of fine houses. George Webster joined his father in 1818 and designed three of Kendal's churches, the Whitehall Assembly Rooms and the Bank of Westmorland. From 1845 - 1872 the practice was continued by Miles Thompson, the Websters' former draughtsman, who designed Kirkland School, much of Collin Croft, Beast Banks and Workmen's News Room. Sand Aire House, Kent Terrace and Aynam Lodge are among the many other fine buildings in Kendal designed by the Webster Practice. Webster's Yard was developed by Russell Armer Ltd. and designed by Mike Walford.

94 Highgate, Kendal, United Kingdom where they mentioned

SANDES HOSPITAL. In this yard, Thomas Sandes (1606 - 81), cloth merchant and former Mayor of Kendal, founded a school and eight almshouses for poor widows. The gatehouse, once the master's house, had single storey wings and housed the school and a library in the chamber above the gateway. The houses were rebuilt in 1852 by Kendal architect Miles Thompson. In 1886 the school merged with Kendal Grammar School which was succeeded in 1980 by Kirkbie Kendal School whose trustees still own the property. The datestone shows shearman's tools and the Sandes family arms.

Highgate, Kendal, United Kingdom where they built (1852)

Shearman House. Opened in 1864, this building was erected by local philanthropists as a public wash-house and baths. Designed by Miles Thompson, the wash-house had facilities for 22 washerwomen and included clothes-horses on rail tracks and two pioneer spin-dryers. it was intended to alleviate the discomforts of washday for working families living in damp and ill-ventilated cottages. There were eight large porcelain baths, the lowest charge for a warm bath being for two young women together at threepence each. The chimney is 70 feet (21.3m) high.

Highgate, Kendal, United Kingdom where they designed