WEBSTER'S YARD. This name Webster commemorates Kendal's most distinguished architects. Francis Webster and his son George. In 1788 Francis Webster joined a local mason in premises in this yard. He built the obelisk on Castle How and designed two of the town's bridges, the Friends Meeting House and a number of fine houses. George Webster joined his father in 1818 and designed three of Kendal's churches, the Whitehall Assembly Rooms and the Bank of Westmorland. From 1845 - 1872 the practice was continued by Miles Thompson, the Websters' former draughtsman, who designed Kirkland School, much of Collin Croft, Beast Banks and Workmen's News Room. Sand Aire House, Kent Terrace and Aynam Lodge are among the many other fine buildings in Kendal designed by the Webster Practice. Webster's Yard was developed by Russell Armer Ltd. and designed by Mike Walford.