Richard Brown

Died aged c. 80

Richard Brown (1753 – 1833) or Ritchie Broun in Scots was born in Irvine. He was a sea captain and a one time friend of Robert Burns who is credited by Burns as the being the person who "encouraged me to endeavour at the character of a Poet."

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mentor of Robert Burns

Commemorated on 2 plaques

Eglinton Woods Drukken Steps (St. Bryde's Well) favourite walk (1781-82) of Robert Burns and his sailor friend Richard Brown. "Do you recollect a Sunday we spent together in Eglinton Woods?" R.B. Edinburgh 30th Dec. 1787

Drukken Cairn was near the Drukken Steps / Saint Bryde's Well, relocated in 1976 to McKinnon Terrace, Ayrshire, KA12, Irvine, United Kingdom where they walked (1781-1782)

Captain Richard Brown 1753 - 1833 Irvine mentor of Robert Burns

Irvine harbourside (exact address TBC), Ayrshire, Irvine, United Kingdom where they was