Sarah Morrison Hornsby


Died aged c. 66

Sarah famously "thrice woke her husband [Reuben Hornsby], to tell him that in a dream she had seen their friend [Josiah Wilbarger] in the hands of the Indians, and that they were scalping him". On the third time she succeeding in getting her husband to form a rescue party with neighbours and even described in detail the place where Wilbarger would be found. The dream saved his life. After his rescue Wilbarger convalesced at the Reuben homestead.


Family tree

Commemorated on 1 plaque

Texas Historical Marker #14616

Site of the Home of Reuben Hornsby. Site of the Home Built in 1832 by Reuben Hornsby (1793-1879) and his wife Sarah Morrison Hornsby (1796-1862). Second built in "Austin's Little Colony". First in the present county of Travis. Famed for Christian hospitality. Here Josiah Wilbarger recovered after being scalped in 1833. Mr. Hornsby and his sons fought in many Indian battles and served as scouts in Capt. John J. Tumlinson's company of Rangers which was organized here in 1836. #14616

?, Austin, TX, United States where they lived (1832)