Temple Public Library. On March 29, 1900, the Women's Literary Club and the Self Culture Club formed a city federation for the purpose of organizing a public library. Soon the first library opened in a corner of the post office building and later moved to a book store. In 1901 the national library program of steel millionaire Andrew Carnegie funded a library building. The new structure was opened in 1904 in the center of the city park at First and Central Avenue. Citizens headed by Mrs. W.S. Banks held fund drives to operate the facility until 1907 when the city appropriated revenue. In 1918, fire destroyed the building. The library reopened in 1924 and was housed in various business until 1929 when it moved into the Municipal Building. Women of the library board ran the program until the city took over in 1954. After a new postal facility was erected in 1963 the city received this 51-year-old post office building for a library. The Renaissance Revival edifice was remodeled in 1964 using funds from a bond issue and the Carnegie Library Association. A memorial room was named for W. Goodrich Jones, one of the library's benefactors. This facility is a member of the Central Texas Library Association and provides a full program. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1978 #5223

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